Museum Enter

Museum Enter

Identity, Print, Web

Museum Enter has big plans. To help realise them I joined forces with Benedikt Roth at edition13. We were asked to rebrand the existing logo and work up the basic design and layout elements for the fundraising flyer and documentation. We also gave design input for the website, summarised in a style guide specifying colours, typefaces and the logo.

Concept/Content: Felix Kunz, Violetta Vitacca
Graphics/Editorial design: edition13 Benedikt Roth, Ivo Chiarotti, Solothurn
Architecture/Visualizations: WALDRAP GmbH, Renate Walter und Sebastian Lippok
Designer: Anna Uhlmann, Switzerland Innovation Park, Biel-Bienne

museum enter doppelseite
museum enter closeup
museum enter apps
museum enter closeup b
museum enter tabelle

museum enter iphone 1

museum enter flyer cover
museum enter flyer text
museum enter flyer a2

museum enter mac classic

museum enter logo
museum enter farbpalette
museum enter hausschriften
museum enter bildsprache

museum enter c64

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